• Advantages

    Advantages for our guests / website visitors

    • Our guests do not bother with choosing a hotel. Picked Hotels choose the most beautiful hotel for them, within 11 countries, thus our guests save time and money.

    • Our guests have the advantage of enjoying the special offers of our partners. They have the chance to accommodate with affordable prices and/or extras that they will not find anywhere else than our member hotels.

    • As we don’t get any commission per reservation, our guest can reach the most affordable prices.

    • When compared, Picked Hotels system is more advantageous then any booking website because on a booking website there are lots of hotels but, it cannot be known which hotel is reliable, as any hotel that covers expenses has the right to appear on a booking website.

    Advantages for our member hotels

    • Picked Hotels is aimed at strengthening the image and attractiveness of member establishment amidst a competitive global environment.

    • The label "Picked Hotels" is a distinction recognised by guests. Display of our logo on the website of a hotel, demonstrates how important their guests are to them.

    • Member hotels are proud of being a part of a prestigious organization.

    • Member hotels can use our logo on their website, e-mails, social network(s) and printed materials as a symbol of prestige.

    • On the web page of each hotel, thanks to the booking link located at the top right, visitors are directed to the hotel’s own reservation page. By this method, there is no extra charge per booking and all the income from the booking remains to the hotel.

    • Member hotels can use the advantages of our partners’ special offers.

    • Member hotels do not pay any other amount, except the annual sum. (No cost of the application, no admission fee, no guarantee fund contribution, no annual delegation fee etc.)

    Advantages for our partner establishments

    • Promotion of our partners will be made via our website. A direct link to our partners’ website and/or app can be given. In addition to this, the desired artwork of our partner can be placed on our “offer” section.

    • Our partners can also make special offers to our member hotels and to our other partners.

    • Our partners can also use the advantages of our member hotels’ special offers.

    • Our partners can present their special offers to Picked Hotel website visitors (who are potential clients) and guests.

    • Our partners can use our logo on their website, e-mails, social network(s) and printed materials as a symbol of prestige.

    Your ideas are important for us to improve our services. Please share with us your wishes, suggestions or comments via email: quality@pickedhotels.com