The King's Garden Your new home away from home in the heart of Stockholm

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A Home At The Royal Garden
94 unique rooms, a French Brasserie and a historic courtyard - your new home away from home, next to the Royal Garden, in theheart of Stockholm.
Enjoy an Individualised Aproach
Every room at The King's Garden is unique, in order to cater for our different guests and the building’s historic architecture in the best possible way. Taken together with the hotel’s wine bar, lounge and French Brasserie, you get a memorable and personalised stay - which is well worth experiencing again and again.
Long stay - Move in with us
Imagine waking up in a hotel room everyday to start off your day with a luxury hotel breakfast. To everyday have your bed made, and to everyday call Hotel Kungstradgarden your home. Through our “long stay” offer, can what sounds like a dream, become your reality. Email for price and more information.