Ultima Courchevel Ultima's village in the luxury French ski resort, Courchevel

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    5 massages per week of reservation will be offered for Picked Hotels guests.
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This unique property of over 3700m2, situated in the Belvédère neighborhood, is composed of 13 chalets, a restaurant, a clinic as well as two spas with inside- and outdoor pool, sauna, hammam and jacuzzi. The phase 1 of the project offers only private chalet with all the signature services from the collection. The phase 2 of the resort will be completed in 2020 with the opening of the restaurant, lobby and spas.

Each endowed with 4 master-suites with connecting bathrooms and dressing rooms, the chalets of this luxury village offer all the signature services related to the fleur-de-lis brand. A concierge, a chauffeur, housekeeping governess and even a private chef, all at disposal to ensure guests a five-starred service in the intimacy of a gorgeous chalet. With the quality and design obvious to the eye, Ultima Courchevel will maintain the codes and visions of the concept of the brand. The rarest and prosperous materials have been meticulously selected to create a cozy and ultra-luxurious atmosphere for the guests in this limitless complex. The wood blends in perfectly with the leather, the nubuck, and the prestigious fabrics of each decorating element. Everything has been worked together and aligned in order to create the feeling of being at home with the highest level of comfort: major bronze- covered chimneys, chesterfield leather bed heads, marble bathrooms and delicate fabrics.